About Us - Ursa Minor

There's an old story where Goldilocks heads out into the woods searching for the right breakfast, the right chair, the right bed.   Setting aside the trespassing part, she finds what works for her by trial and error.

We started out looking for the right vehicle for our adventures, not too big, not too old, not too expensive.  Not an RV, but more than a tent.  There were not a lot of options in 2006 , but the fairly new Honda Element seemed to be a good starting point.  Simple, AWD and cheap makes for a good base, and we dived into building our pop-up concept.    


We built our first ECamper in 2007 right about when Jeep launched the 4 door Wrangler. With more experience, we delivered our first Jeep based camper for the Mopar SEMA display a few years later.  2011 brought our pop-top Jeep camper to the market, followed by our Transit Connect camper in 2018.  

Over time options for camping, in vans or roof top tents, have multiplied exponentially, but our focus is still delivering a small scale camper, not too big, not too small, just right for some (but perhaps not for everyone or forever)