Service - Vehicle Swap

As the miles and years add up, there is always the chance that the camper outlives the base vehicle. Alternately, an accident may causes the base vehicle to be totaled out, but the camper is undamaged.

Ursa Minor can swap the camper from the original to a new base vehicle.   

There are some key factors that will impact how this swap is done:

Jeep Campers (JK, JL, J30, J180) Bronco Camper

  • Removing the camper is straightforward, the installation on a new vehicle is the same as the initial install, and the process usually takes a day
  • Some parts are easier to replace than remove, this includes the vehicle side wire harness and the Sirius antenna.
  • There are a few consumables, such as foam tape, that should be replaced to ensure good sealing
  • Costs for this average about $1000, but can vary based on vehicle and camper condition.  This is higher than a brand new install due to time needed to remove from the donor vehicle.

Honda Element (ECamper) and Ford Transit Connect Conversion

  • Removing the conversion is not straightforward, there is significant shop time to remove the camper assembly.  The new base vehicle must then go through the conversion process as if it were a new build.
  • Some parts are easier to replace than remove, such as wire harnesses
  • There are one-use items, such as fasteners and nuts.
  • Costs for this process average about $2500, but can vary based on vehicle and camper condition. 

Donor Vehicle factors

  • Jeeps and Broncos with the camper removed can have alternate tops installed (soft or hard) and returned to stock..
  • Honda Elements
    • If the donor Honda was a 2003-2008 AWD, a used sunroof can be fitted back in the OEM frame.. The roof will have holes and gaps from removal of hardware and fasteners, but could be sealed up - leaving it drivable but rough looking
    • If the donor was 2009-2011, or was a 2WD, the roof will have a large hole with raw metal edges.  It is not feasible to repair this, and the vehicle will likely need to be scrapped
    • Swapping between the two versions (OEM sunroof to no sunroof) will cost more due to extra parts / time needed.
  • Ford Transit Connect after removal will have raw metal and a large hole in the roof.  It would not be economically feasible to restore the roof, and the van will likely need to be scrapped
  • All donor vehicles must be
    • Operable (rolling or under engine power) 
    • Free of hazardous debris (glass, fuel, etc)
    • Removed from shop when work is complete

Considerations to making a swap

  • Is the camper in good enough condition to justify cost of moving
  • How will the donor vehicle arrive at Ursa Minor (Shipping, driving)
  • How will the donor vehicle be removed (nearest junkyard, shipping, driving)

Costs factors

  • Swap is billed at standard mechanic rate of $150 per hour
  • Due to unknown issues resulting from working with used or damaged parts, the total cost of a swap will be based on actual shop hours and any additional parts required.
  • Damaged campers can also be repaired, restored or upgraded as part of a swap.  An example might be adding racks that were not originally fitted.
  • Swapping a used camper to a new vehicle does not create a new or extend an existing warranty.  If the original warranty was still in effect, the transfer would maintain the existing coverage.

Scheduling a swap must be arranged in advance, and Ursa Minor will review photos of the donor vehicle and camper prior to accepting the project.