Camper Accessory related FAQ's

Rack Mounts, and Cross Bars.

We offer Yakima Mounts, Towers, Bars, and Adjustable Tracks for our Campers.
Yakima Landing Pad 6 Mounts - SKU: #8000226
Yakima Skyline Towers - SKU: #8000163
Yakima Jetstream Crossbars - SKU: #8000426

  • Aerodynamic crossbar: The high-performance JetFlow teardrop
    shape is strong, quiet and minimizes drag for maximum efficiency; The seamless
    aluminum construction is lightweight and sleek
  • Reinforced design: Features JetTruss internal support
    engineering that adds serious strength for minimal weight; Carrying capacity is
    165 lbs (75 kg) across 2 bars
  • Easy to install: The T-slot rubber infill makes it easy to mount
    and ensures efficient airflow; Comes with 4 high-gloss polymer end caps for a
    polished look
  • Compatibility: Works with Yakima StreamLine Towers, T-Slot attachments
    and all Yakima gear mounts.

Yakima HD Tracks 60” - SKU: #8001632
Yakima Landing Pad 1 Mounts for Tracks - SKU: #8000221

Roof Racks, Cargo Baskets, and Cargo Boxes.

Roof Weight Capacity.

  • Camper Closed =150lbs.
  • Camper Open = 50lbs.

Roof Racks, Baskets, and Boxes almost all exceed the recommended weight limits for the roof of an Ursa Minor Vehicles Pop-up Camper.

Exceeding those limits can potentially cause damage to the Camper and will void any warranty associated with those parts of the Camper.