Order Process FAQ

My order status shows "Pending" what does that mean?

Starting on 9/1/21 our new software will show the order moving through production by stages.  Orders placed before this dates will be updated to show their currrent status, and then updated regularly as things change.

Order Stages


Stage: Pending / Processing

If a credit card is used for payment while ordering, the website runs the card for 10% of the total order as the down payment. 

The order status online will show pending because the order is not complete or totally paid for, since there's still 90% of the payment remaining, and we have not shipped or installed the camper.  It may also show Processing, this stage is the same as Pending, it just means there are notes on the order.

When a customer places an order on our website, there are several things that happen in the background:

  • The order is reviewed for any issues or missing information
  • The product is logged by date into our production queue
  • A file is created where questions, changes, and follow ups are tracked.


Stage: Fabrication Backlog

Orders in Fabrication Backlog are waiting to be made in our composites shop.  Most order options can still be changed in this stage without delaying delivery.  Note that changing between product lines completely (from JK to JL for example) would delay delivery.


Stage: In Fabrication

Orders at this point are in the composite molds for forming or getting cut/trimmed/drilled to the order after demolding.

  • JK or JL J30: In this stage of production, parts will go into our polyurethane spray booth for our standard finish texture.   Some order options can still be changed at this stage, options that are now locked include paint options and quarter window choices.

Stage: Assembly Backlog

Orders in Assembly Backlog are made, but waiting to be assembled by our team.  Some order options can still be changed in this stage without delaying delivery, but due to allocations some changes could delay delivery if parts or accessories added are not available by the time the unit goes into assembly.

Stage: In Assembly

Unit is in the final stages of production.   Changes to the order will no longer be made, but some accessories may be able to be added (such as a rack tower/crossbar if the order already has the mounts) if there is stock available.  If a specific installation or conversion date has not be confirmed yet, customers will be contacted to schedule in this stage.

Stage: Ready for Install / San Diego

Unit is 100% complete and has passed the final Quality Control inspection.  If the unit is getting shipped out to the owner or another shop or dealer (JK, JL or Bronco) the final balance is due before the camper is packed.  If the unit will be installed or converted in our Portland facility, it will move into Crating as soon as there is space.

How do I make a change to my order?  Can I make a change to my order?

To make changes to your order please Email us at "Info@UrsaMinorVehicles.com".
Please include the name you used to place the order, your Order Number, and the change or changes you would like to make.

To: Info@ursaminorvehicles.com
Subject: Joe Smith Order# 000123 Order Change Request

I would like to add Two Awning Brackets on the Drivers Side.

How can I set up a conversion or installation date?

Email us at "Info@UrsaMinorVehicles.com".
Please include the name you used to place the order, and your Order Number

Can a camper be financed?

We get questions about financing occasionally, and have looked into it. The short answer is we do not have a financing option available through Ursa Minor.

The longer answer is that because our campers go on a car, it is difficult to collateralize a loan, since there may be other loans on the vehicle that have priority. This forces the financing toward unsecured options, which usually are tied to one of the major credit cards.

In effect, the most common financing programs are essentially taking out a new credit card for just the purchase and paying it off over time. Unfortunately, that can get more expensive than if a customer uses an existing credit card, since there will be more fees for doing it through Ursa Minor and a financing company.

Our recommendation is to go with one of two approaches to finance the camper:

  1. Use an existing credit card, and pay off over time as convenient/economical. With planning, some cards allow for a balance transfer at 0% for a period, which could work to defer or extend the payment timeline.  Note that only 10% is required as a down payment, and the final balance is due only at delivery.
  2. Source a personal loan through a bank or credit union, as these may have rates much lower than credit cards.


Some customers may prefer to make pre-payments while waiting for the camper.  This not required by Ursa Minor, but if it helps to budget or plan, a customer can make pre payments by sending a check to our Chula Vista location made out to Ursa Minor Vehicles.  In the memo, please note the last 4 digits of the order number and note it is a pre-payment. Any payments sent will be credited to the order, reducing the final balance due at delivery.

What’s the lead time if an order is placed today?

Approximately 3 Months.