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Ursa Minor Vehicles

2" x 1/4" Foam Sealing Tape Kit (JK, JL)

2" x 1/4" Foam Sealing Tape Kit (JK, JL)


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This tape is used between the J30 and the body of the camper (JL and JK)

  • For a factory install, the tape is stuck to the J30.  That is because the camper is suspended before mounting so it's easy to put it on!
  • For campers installed without a hoist, the tape can be stuck to the Jeep tub.  When used on the tub, it's nice to first put a layer of blue low-stick masking tape on the metal, then apply the foam to the masking tape.  This makes it much easier to remove this foam tape if you run without a top. It is NOT a low stick tape it really bonds...

Kit includes 2 pieces of 4 foot long tape.  Make sure to cut to fit, and notch around bolt holes


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