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Bulb Seal Gasket - ECamper Rear Section

Bulb Seal Gasket - ECamper Rear Section


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This is section is to replace just the rear inset gasket on the ECamper, the area above the rear hatch.  It will be pre-cut to 42.5", and you may need to snip off a little fit it perfectly.

This seal has an EPDM foam rubber bulb. The bulb is hollow for compressibility and the foam has closed-cell construction, which resists absorption.


  • Black
  • Edge Grip Rubber with Bulb, aluminum core

  • These seals push into place to stop wind, dust, and water from entering. The gripping edges have fingers for a strong hold to the top.
  • It is important to clean the fiberglass edge, removing any mildew, mold, dust or grime. 
  • Make sure the area is 100% dry for good friction when installing
  • The core of the gasket is a U shape of aluminum. If the fit is loose, gently squeeze the edges make it grip tighter.
  • There are small vent holes in the bulb, that is normal. When installing, holes should face toward inside of camper.
  • There is no glue or adhesive needed for installation.


  • ECamper - all 

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