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ECamper- Visor

ECamper- Visor


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If your visor has traveled with you many miles and become cracked, faded, or just lost its luster, maybe its time for a new one?

This is a replacement visor panel for all ECamper versions.  It will be shipped without the 3 mounting holes on each side.  Some drilling will be required as each ECamper is hand made, and therefore slightly different.  The edges may also have to be sanded to fit exactly to the camper.


Starting on unit #228, Ursa Minor revised the ECamper design to add a rubber air dam at the top of the visor.   This air dam is available separately for retro fitting earlier ECampers, or as part of a new visor order   

When ordering a visor, there are two options:

1. Order just the visor without an air dam, allowing reuse of the original air dam (if mounted) or matching the older version that did not have one.  

2. Order the visor with the air dam, for upgrading an older camper while replacing the visor, or replacing the existing air dam that may not come off easily.

Generally the air dam helps prevent wind leakage under the front of the camper top, and is a recommended improvement for older campers that were built without one.

3.Earlier version of this part had a carbon-fiber weave visible, the current production version is a gloss black part.  The carbon-fiber version is no longer available due to changes in material price and availability.


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