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ECamper - Mattress and Hatch Pad Cover Set - 2"

ECamper - Mattress and Hatch Pad Cover Set - 2"


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Replacement Mattress Pad cover set for ECampers with 2" foam pads.  This kit includes 2 mattress pads covers and 2 hatch pad covers. 

Foam is not included due to difficulty in shipping.  

There may be delays of up to two weeks after ordering before covers ship due to ongoing production demands for these.


  • Covers are not side specific  (no left/right versions)
  • ECamper from #001 to #030 had 1" thick pads (uh, yeah, that was rouging it, we were all younger then.) Current 2" pad covers will work on these thinner pads if reusing foam, but if foam is increased to 2" thick there may be issues closing the camper.
  • Mattress covers early in production were Sunbrella in various shades, current production is a gray/black high-wear tweed pattern.  Replacements will be gray/black tweed material, we no longer offer the ECamper mattress covers out of Sunbrella.
  • All mattress covers are sewn with a zipper along the side to allow for removal if foam needs to be replaced, or cover needs to be cleaned or replaced.

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