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Gas Spring Set - Camper Roof

Gas Spring Set - Camper Roof


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Is it time to replace or upgrade the gas springs that hold your camper open?  

All gas springs loose pressure over time due to variations in temperature allowing leakage around the piston seals.  Usually this decrease in pressure becomes initially obvious when the camper is used during very cold weather as the gas inside the cylinder will have less pressure, and the roof will sag slightly and rest on the safety pole.  

We call them by the trade term of gas springs, but they are also called gas shocks or gas struts.

In some cases, a higher pressure spring may help depending on how the camper is loaded.  

Choose from these different ratings:

Rating (lb) Application Notes
100 lb  Stock replacements for ECampers and J30 pop up campers.   The 100 lb rating is for each strut, and will work best for bare roofs (no racks or rack loads) and occasional light rack loads, such as bikes, skis or SUPs
120 lb Stock replacement for Transit Connect Camper, 20% stronger replacement gas springs for other campers  This will work best for mid range loads that remain on the roof full time, such as storage boxes or baskets. 
150 lb 50% stronger replacement gas springs.  This will work best for upper range loads that are never removed along with additional loads such as boats.  If these struts are installed and the rack loads are removed completely, it may be difficult to close the camper.


Important Notes:

1. Increasing the rating of the gas springs only alters the ease of opening and closing the camper under load. It does not impact rack specifications or weight limitations, which for Thule and Yakima systems is 75 lbs per cross bar.  

Overloading a vehicle with weight high above the center of gravity will negatively impact handling.

2. Replacement of the struts may require special tools to compress strut, use caution or seek professional service as needed.

3. Each strut will have safety clips at the ends, these must be removed to install on the ball stud, then reinserted after the socket is mounted.

4. Struts are sold in pairs, replacing both struts at the same time helps to avoid twisting the camper top.

 5. If the top is not opening evenly, verify that all hinge links are straight, if a link is bent the top will open/close unevenly. Changing the strut will not correct a bent hinge link.

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