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OEM Honda Element Sunroof - Used

OEM Honda Element Sunroof - Used


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Used Honda Element Sunroof, This is the sunroof only, as one would remove from the Element for fair weather driving, and does not include any of the frame parts mounted to the Element roof. 

This part is also called the Glass Panel Assembly in the parts guide, or the Rear Skylight in the Honda marketing materials.

These are used parts from Elements that were converted to ECampers. The part may need some light cleaning but they do not have any rust, chips, cracks or scratches.  These will fit any all Wheel Drive or Four Wheel Drive Element manufactured between 2003 and 2008.

Honda list price is $643.40, on-line prices from dealers are around $480 (check for comparison) so this should be a decent savings if you've just had yours broken.


The price for the product includes FREE shipping!   Our goal is to ship within 24 hours of ordering (M-F) via USPS Priority, but it can take 2-3 days to get processed when we are busy.   With USPS Priority Mail the part will arrive 2-3 days after pick-up from our dock.  To summarize, total lead time for receiving the part using the free shipping will range from 3 to 6 days from ordering.

If your need is CRITICAL, please select expedited shipping. 


For expedited shipping orders, we will pull, pack, process and ship within 24 hours from payment received Mon-Fri during business hours.  Examples of one day shipping:

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The metrics for one day shipping will show the package will be received in up to 4 days from ordering, so you may save from 2 to 4 days over our regular shipping.

NOTE for future ECamper Owners

When the Element is converted, credit for core parts are included in the conversion price. If an owners wants any or all core parts returned, we are happy to give them back to you because we generate something like 4 sunroofs a week!


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