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OEM Honda Element - Roof Garnish Covers - Used

OEM Honda Element - Roof Garnish Covers - Used


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OEM Honda Element (2003 to 2011) - Used Parts

These covers are removed if a rack is installed on the Element, and typically discarded at that point.    If the rack is later removed, a gap in the cladding is left behind to collect leaves and other debris.

These used covers are removed from vehicles coming to Ursa Minor Vehicles for conversion. They may have light sun fade, and with a bit of Armour-All or similar will look newish.  Installation (once rack is removed) is snap-in, no tools required.

This set includes 4 parts, 2 for the right side 2 for the left side. They come in a range of colors:

  • Gray from 2003 to 2006
  • Black ones from 2007 to 2011.  
  • Blue for 1 year only blue color
  • Painted SC (Silver/Root Beer/Etc)

Gray and Black LX/EX Covers will not not fit SC models.  SC covers are painted to match vehicle and slightly different from the LX and EX models.  

Important Order Notes:

1. These parts are removed from Elements as the cars come in for conversion, they are not stocked ready-to-ship usually.  Depending on the color, there may be a delay in shipping out  of up to 10 days.  If we do not have the part available in this time we will cancel the order and refund the purchase price completely.  As these Elements get older, the parts removed will also be older/faded...we try to save only "good" parts.

2. Availability varies depending on what Elements are being converted. As of 2021, the most commonly available color is the Black 2007-2011 version, with occasional grays.

2. These parts are not our core business, and while we'd love to be the Amazon or "Zappos" of random Honda parts, we are focused on building campers every day.  

At times small orders will wait until we have a minute to pack them out.  We appreciate your patience, or we are happy to refund your order any time if you need faster service.


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