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J30 Side Awning Mounts

J30 Side Awning Mounts


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J30  Side Awning Mounts

For the Gen 2 J30 JK Camper, Gen 3 JK,  and JL J30

Are you tired of sweating under the sun when you're out camping?  Fed up with trying to fit that pop up canopy in the back of your Jeep?  Time to consider a side mounted awning.

The recommended awning for this application is the ARB 2000. We recommend this awning because it is lightweight, durable, and at 6.5' it matches the length of the camper without overlapping the front latch.

You can also purchase accessories for the awning, like the the ARB Mosquito Net Room and the Awning Room with Floor, making it a versatile addition to the J30 Camper.

Click Me for Install Instructions

Click me for the ARB 2000 demo video

These Awning Brackets come either in a kit of 2 or 4

Made from 3/16" Stainless Steel, they ship unpainted, and with all necessary spacers and fasteners needed for installation. The Stainless Steel vertical brackets accommodate both the ARB and Eezi-Awn Bat-Manta Awnings, as well as a few others.

*** Note ***

For the JK J30: You MUST have a 2nd Generation J30 with the 4 molded inset notches down the sides to use this kit, the 1st Generation J30  does not have these notches

*** Note ***

Drilling is required to install these brackets.  You will also need to unbolt and hoist the J30 off of a JK series Jeep a few inches to be able to reach under the camper and install the nuts and bolts.

Tools required:


  • 1/4" Drill Bit
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • 7/16" Wrench or Socket/Ratchet
  • Recommended: Anti-Seize  


 Box of 4

Recommended for Awnings weighing between 25-50 lbs, such as 270 degree style

 Box of 2

Recommended for Awnings Weighing up to  35 lbs.


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