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JK Gen 2 J-30 Vehicle Harness - 3 Wire

JK Gen 2 J-30 Vehicle Harness - 3 Wire


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Replacement harness, vehicle side

This is the harness that is installed in the Jeep.  On one end are the wires to be connected to the Jeep:

  • 3rd Brake Light in tailgate
  • Ground to vehicle frame
  • Power (+) from battery

The other end of the harness is a quick disconnect to the camper.

The harness assembly includes the terminals, fuse, and fuse holder needed to connect safely to the battery.  

If you have bought a used J30 top, many times this harness is left in the original Jeep as removing it is not worth the time/effort.

Please note that if you have an early J30 unit without the 3rd Brake Light, you will need the 2 Wire J30 Vehicle Harness



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