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On Glass FM Radio Antenna

On Glass FM Radio Antenna


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When an ECamper is built, the original Honda FM antenna is removed from the roof to allow the camper to be installed.  A new antenna is then glued on the windshield in the upper left corner.  

If the windshield is later replaced due to cracks or chips, this antenna may be damaged or discarded with the old windshield during the service.  

This antenna is a direct replacement, and should be installed after the windshield is replaced.  It takes about 15 to 30 minutes and a couple screw drivers.     

Service Video - How to replace the ECamper Antenna



2007 - 2020 ECamper

Note 1: On a limited number of ECampers, an alternate amplified antenna was used. This antenna is differentiated by a small LED, and was mounted directly in front of the rear view mirror  This on glass antenna will also replace the amplified version.  The amplified antenna is no longer available from Ursa Minor.

Note 2: This antenna is an FM/AM antenna, it does not connect to the Honda XM satellite radio.

Note 3: When replacing the windshield, the 3 bolts on each side of the Carbon Fiber visor can be removed to access the top of the windshield.

Note 4: Make sure that the gasket at the top edge of the windshield is the OEM Honda Windshield Molding, as some glass shops will use a generic gasket that doesn't have the groove that the visor fits into, leading to a gap and wind noise.

The OEM Windshield Molding is part 73150-SCV-A01 


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