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Power Film

Power Film 60 Watt Folding Panel

Power Film 60 Watt Folding Panel


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The Power Film 60W Foldable Solar Panel is designed to charge small to medium electronic devices using DC power or one of many available accessories.   The advantage of a folding panel are:

  • Easy to Use - Unfold the panel and start charging in seconds.
  • Durable - marine grade connectors, weather-resistant fabric, military tested.
  • Low Light Operation - provides some power even in hazy or shaded environments.
  • Lightweight - No frames, no special stands or mounting brackets needed. Orient toward best sun exposures, camp in the shade.
  • Portable - Folds into a small package that fits in vehicle, and can be carried for other activities as it will fit in a day pack



Wattage: 60W

Operating Voltage: 15.4V

Current: 3.6A


Folded: 13.0 x 7.5 x 2.7 (in) / 330.2 x 190.5 x 68.6 (mm)

Unfolded: 47.0 x 51.5 (in) / 1,193.8 x 1,308.1 (mm)
Includes 12V Female 12 Charging Adapter (RA-2)

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