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Production Build Record

Production Build Record


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Did you buy your Ursa Minor used, or are you planning to sell?

We can generate a Production Record showing details of any Ursa Minor build camper.

This record will NOT show original owner contact information, it will show the build configuration, and if installed or converted by Ursa Minor will include the date, mileage and VIN of the base vehicle. 

  • If the camper was removed/reinstalled to a new vehicle (Jeeps) the mileage/VIN will not be accurate
  • If the conversion was transferred by Ursa Minor, the VIN will be updated
  • If the camper was shipped to a dealer, or direct to the retail customer, we will not have the mileage or VIN (Jeep) or final retail price

This is a virtual product, at purchase the record will be emailed to the address provided.

NOTE: On rare occasions we are unable to find a build record easily based on provided information, this may be due to:

  • Errors in our database due to typos
  • Conversions getting salvaged & reinstalled on new base vehicles (VIN will not show up as a result)

In this situation, we will work with the owner to look for additional clues based on photos, owner information, and sub assembly serial numbers,



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